Monday, March 3, 2008

Episode 38 - Atlanta, a good basketball town

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Toronto Raptors are 32-26

Week in Review

- win over Indiana 102-98

- win over Minnesota 107-85

- loss to Indiana 122-111

- loss to Charlotte 110-98

Chris Bosh leaves during the second Indiana game with a swollen knee - expected to miss a week
Sam Cassell expected to quickly sign a contract with the Boston Celtics

How does Miami and Atlanta finish the 50 seconds of the game from last month, the one where the Atlanta stats guys indicated that Shaq fouled out, when he didn't. The NBA wants the teams to replay the last 50 seconds, but both teams have made trades, include the one of Shaq to the Suns.... what's the point?

Coming up for the Raptors

- Tuesday in Orlando (38-23)
- Wednesday in Miami (11-46)
- Friday Washington is at the ACC (29-30)
- Sunday Seattle in town (16-43)

As mentioned in the last blog entry, we want to know which of our listeners can best predict the winners of this year's NCAA tournament.

Head over to
Click the "Sign up now" button. Quickly fill out the required fields.
After clicking the submit button, click the button called "Join Existing League"
The page will now ask you for the League ID - for our pool enter 535 and the League Password is talking.ball

Now you just need to enter a team name for your team/pool/guesses, your first name or nickname will work well.

On March 16th, the teams will be entered into the website and we'll all be able to make our predictions. Remember you need to predict all of the games for every round and that includes the eventually winner of the tournament. You'll need to guess the total score of the game (this will be our tie breaker), so if you think the final games ends with a score of 12-10, then enter 22 into the final score.

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. This week's show is posted here. Enjoy!

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