Monday, January 21, 2008

EPISODE 32 - what, are they smoking pot?

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Toronto Raptors are 22-19

Week in Review
loss to Detroit 103-89
win over Sacramento 116-91
win over Atlanta 89-78 - Anthony Johnson kicked out with a T2 on Calderon
loss to Philadelphia 99-95

Mail Bag! - did we actual answer the question?

Around the NBA
misc stuff around player moves
Wizards playing well
Some Golden State trinkets and other news

Looking Ahead
Wednesday in Boston (33-6) – 3 game winning streak
Friday Bucks (16-24) in town – tough week NO and PHO in a back to back and then IND on Thursday, before they head to Toronto

Next week is a home and home against the Wiz

We recorded locally, so I hope the sound quality is more to your liking.

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