Tuesday, January 15, 2008

EPISODE 31 - Chris Bosh, we need your PC (or Mac) skillz! Call us!

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Toronto Raptors are 20-17

Week in Review
win over Philadelphia 109-96
win in NYC 99-90
double overtime win over Portland 116-109 - bit of a discussion on Moon's so called foul at the end of regulation

Around the NBA
Detroit only scores 65 points against NYC
Wizards get rare win over Celtics, who also lost to Charlotte this week - not to mention a bit of play-by-play of the Wiz's second consecutive defeat of the Celtics
Lakers lose Bynum for 8 weeks (knee injury on Sunday versus Memphis)
Heat and Hawks to replay final minute of previous game, as statisticians had marked Shaq has having 6 fouls, when he only had 5

Looking Ahead
Tuesday in Detroit (28-10) – Detroit coming off ugly loss to NYC
Wednesday Kings (15 – 21) visit the ACC – win over Dallas tonight
Friday Hawks (16-17) in town – play Denver and Milwaukee back to back
Saturday in Philadelphia (14-23) YIKES!!!!! San Antonio (76ers lose this game), Houston and Boston this week, two back to backs

If you listen to the recording... please be patient... skype once again dropped us. This time 30 seconds into the show (2 minute lag or dead air before we get back) and then again, about 13 or 15 minutes into the show. But we do get back on and finish the show...

We promise to start recording locally and stop this nonsense (didn't we say that last week).

Until next week.... - oh, one last thing.... Talkshoe has produced a web-based system for listening and joining the podcasts. If you want to hear live and participate in chats, come by on any Monday night, and click the Talkshoe Web button on our page. It's pretty slick.

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. A great tool. This week's show is posted here. Enjoy!

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