Monday, January 7, 2008

EPISODE 30 - skype bytes and drops

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Raptors are 17-17

- Wednesday versus Philadelphia (14-20) lost 3 in a row and play a back to back against Milwaukee on Tuesday

- Friday in NYC (8-24) lost 7 in a row have a bunch of games Chicago and Houston back to back this week

- Sunday versus Portland (21-13) won 3 in a row and are 9-1 in their last ten – only play golden state this week

Going Back

Loss to Cleveland on Sunday – Lebron goes off with 24 in the 4th (39 in total)
Loss on Friday to Detroit – Hamilton and Wallace good games

Celtics versus the Pistons couple of Tommy points to Glen Davis for a good game


and that is where the tape ends.... not sure why, wait yes I do... because skype dropped everyone!!!!

We promise to start recording locally and stop this nonsense.

Until next week....

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. It's pretty cool. This week's show is posted here. Enjoy!

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