Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Early Start to the NCAA March Madness

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Here's the deal.

Sunday March 16th, the NCAA Selection Committee announces the teams or schools that will make up the 64 team tournament (okay there are 65 teams and a "play-in" game, but we won't get into that). The committee will place 16 teams into 4 regions, with each team receiving a seed from 1 (the best team) to 16 (the worst team in the region).

In the first round, the number 1 team plays the 16th team, 2 plays 15, etc...

The winning teams move on to the next round and the losing team goes home, and so on and so on, until 1 team remains.

The structure of the tournament lends itself to people making predictions as to who will win each game and who will win the entire tournament.

So, we want to know which of our listeners can best predict the winners of this year's tournament. It will just be a friendly competition, with full bragging rights.

Head over to
Click the "Sign up now" button. Quickly fill out the required fields.
After clicking the submit button, click the button called "Join Existing League"
The page will now ask you for the League ID - for our pool enter 535 and the League Password is talking.ball

Now you just need to enter a team name for your team/pool/guesses, your first name or nickname will work well.

On March 16th, the teams will be entered into the website and we'll all be able to make our predictions. Remember you need to predict all of the games for every round and that includes the eventually winner of the tournament. You'll need to guess the total score of the game (this will be our tie breaker), so if you think the final games ends with a score of 12-10, then enter 22 into the final score.

We will assign points to each round, so for every game you get correct you'll get points and the points will increase for each round.

Have fun with it, if you have questions, email us at and we'll try to answer any inquires.

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show.

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