Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EPISODE 33 - couple of Stevie Points

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Toronto Raptors are 24-19

Week in Review
win over Boston 114-112
win over Milwaukee 106-75

Around the NBA
Damon Stoudamire – buyout today!– Raptors looking to pick him up?
Chris Weber – talking to Golden State?
The Bird-man (Chris Andersen) looking to be reinstated
J-Kidd looking to be traded from NJ?
Mark Cuban hits it right on the head. In his blog he talks about this being an amazing year to be a basketball fan. Any of the top 10 Western teams has a shot at moving up the rankings, by putting together a little run. All those teams are good this year and very competitive. Bring on the playoffs!!!!

Looking Ahead
Tuesday in Washington (23-19) – lost to Milwaukee Sunday
Wednesday Washington (23-19) in town
Friday Lakers (27-15) in town – tough week – loss to Cleveland Sunday, Knicks Tuesday and Detroit Thursday, before they head to Toronto
2 Games Next week Miami and Clippers

Local recording failed.... apparently you have to click the start button... I mean, who knew????

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