Monday, February 4, 2008

Episode 34 - The Tin Men (Are You Ready for Maggette?)

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Toronto Raptors are 25-21

Week in Review

- loss to Washington 108-104
- win over Washington 122-83
- loss to LA Lakers – 121-101

Lakers deal Kwame Browne, Javaris Critlenton, 2 first round draft picks (2008 & 2010) and get Pau Gasol

Memphis also traded Stromile Swift to New Jersey for Jason Colins and cash

Last week, Memphis bought out Damon Stoudamire, who recently signed with San Antonio.

In College news, Bob Knight has resigned from Texas Tech, leaving his coaching career with 902 wins.

Coming up for the Raptors

- Tonight in Miami (9-36) - a little foreshadowing, as the Raptors win 114-82
- Friday LA Clippers (14-30)

Games Next week Minnesota, San Antonio and NJ.

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. A great tool. This week's show is posted here. Enjoy! - Oh, not sure why it sounds like we are sitting in a steal drum, but that's what happens when you let the sound engineer have the night off.... more promises of a better show next time will be posted here later.....

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