Thursday, January 29, 2009

NBA Trivia Answer and other stuff

First, if you haven't heard this week's show, check out the blog entry below or go here where this week's show is posted.

What NBA player has won the most MVP awards? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won the Maurice Podoloff Trophy a record 6 times.

Next, check out the first picture of this story from the NY News. Why does Vince have such a huge smile after a loss to the Raptors? Ron Antonelli took this great shot. You can check out more of his work on the NY News or at his website.

Some Raptor History
Remember 1995? The Toronto Raptors finished their first year in the league with a 21-61 record and their home games were played in the cavernous Skydome. Who has a better picture of the makeshift stands that surrounded the court, than the one above? Send it in or a link and we'll post it on the blog.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Episode 61 - Frankenstein Small Forward - Graham, Moon & Kapono

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Week in Review
Friday win over Bulls 114-94
Sunday win over Kings 113-97
Tonight win over Nets (on TSN2) 107-106

Around the NBA
Steve Francis was waived by the Memphis Grizzlies, the second time in his career that he was a Grizzly but never once wore a uniform.

Charlotte Bobcats beat the LA Lakers in Double overtime. Gerald Wallace suffered a partially collapsed left lung and a fractured rib in the game, as well as Trevor Ariza suffers a concussion during the game.

Concussions must be contagious, because Brian Scalabrine had 2 concussions in three days.

Upcoming for the Raptors
Friday Milwaukee visits the ACC
Sunday Orlando comes to town
Tuesday in Cleveland
Wednesday LA Lakers in Toronto

Thanks for listening!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

NBA Daily Stuff

After Toronto tried to comeback from a 24 point 4th quarter deficit last week against Indiana, we got to thinking...

Who had the largest comeback in an NBA game? Milwaukee Bucks! On November 25, 1977 against the Atlanta Hawks, the Bucks were down 29 with 8:43 remaining, they ended the game with a 35-4 run and a 117-115 win.

Is there a better story? Sure. The largest deficit at half-time a winning team faced was 34 points. On November 27, 1996 the Utah Jazz overcame a 34-point halftime deficit to beat the Denver Nuggets, 107-103.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

NBA Trivia

Here's a simple one.

What NBA player has won the most MVP awards?

Extra points to those that can also give the name of the trophy.

Email us at with your answers.

We let you know the winner (no prize this time, just bragging rights) and the answers in a future post.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Daily (or when I remember) NBA fact/trivia/useless info

Let's start with a fact from way back...

Back in 1953, Don Meineke won the Eddie Gottlieb Trophy for Rookie of the Year. Don played for Fort Wayne and surprising lead the league that year in personal fouls and disqualifications. Don, or the Monk as he was known, averaged 10.7 points per game that year and 6.9 rebounds per game.

(more history - Eddie Gottlieb helped establish the forerunner to the NBA, the BAA, played in the 1920s, coached, bought and then shipped the Philadelphia Warriors to San Francisco - plus way too much more to list....)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Episode 60 - the hedgehog can win basketball games

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Raptors in Review
loss to the Indiana Pacers 111-104
loss to the Phoenix Suns 117-113
loss to the Atlanta Hawks 87-84
tonight against Detroit - loss 95-76

Halfway point Raptors are 16-28

Around the NBA
Orlando leads the league with 33-8 record – 7 game win streak – impressive wins over Atlanta (back to back), and west coast swing that included San Antonio, Lakers and Nuggets.

Memphis signs Darius Miles to another 10 day – looking at his stats – no games since 2005 (is that right?), 5 games with Memphis this year, 5pts in 9 minutes and 2 rebounds. - Miles is back from major knee surgery. His return to the league means his contract should count toward
Portland's salary cap.

Marbury says he has a commitment from 1 team and is willing to accept $1 million dollar less bye out from the Knicks

The Dallas Mavericks have added another shooting guard by trading backup center DeSagana Diop to Charlotte Bobcats for guard Matt Carroll and backup center Ryan Hollins

Pure Rumors

Miami Herald - Miami Heat continues to consider a deal for Jermaine O'Neal, Miami has been giving thought to other Shawn Marion trade scenarios - Dallas small forward Josh Howard
Several teams have inquired about Marion, who's unlikely to re-sign here, but it's not certain a deal will happen. The Heat considers center its No. 1 need and O'Neal as the best center available but remains concerned about his sore right knee (which has sidelined him 11 games this season) and the $23 million he's due in 2009-10, the last year of his contract. It's 50-50 whether Miami will accept Toronto's offer of O'Neal for Marion & guard Marcus Banks

Magic GM Otis Smith said the reports coming out of Boston that the Celtics asked about acquiring SG J.J. Redick are not true.

Upcoming for the Raptors
Friday in Chicago
Monday Sacramento at the ACC
Wednesday in New Jersey

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Episode 59 - Once again, we're exposed off the bounce

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Raptors in Review
win over Wizards - (99-93)
then a easy win over Memphis (103-82)
killed by Celtics at home (88-94)
beat in overtime in Boston (109-115)

tonight... against bulls, third loss in a row (102-98)

Around the NBA
Orlando scores 139 points vs the Kings - 23 3-pointers

Do you know who has the best record in the NBA in the last 10 games?

Knicks center Eddy Curry sued by his former driver - sexual-harassment

The Amazing Spider-Man issue #583 - here’s the story: Peter Park is out taking photos, sees 2 Barack Obama and of course the real Obama is a baller, so Spiderman has to play them in basketball - the real Obama can play basketball, the double is no baller

Upcoming for the Raptors
friday against Indiana
Sunday Phoenix in town
Monday at Atlanta
next Wednesday in Detroit

Thanks for listening!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Episode .... Hit the Record Button

Pretty Simple. We had a great show tonight, but it was not recorded. Totally my fault.

There was talk about beating the Washington Wizards tonight, crazy lost the other night to the Bucks and great wins over the Magic and the Rockets.

A lot of ranting about TSN2, the Canadian sports channel that shows some of the Raptors' games. Unfortunately, the network Steve and I have will not include this channel, so we miss all of the Raptors' games on TSN2. Please write to your congressman and get this fixed!

I wish I would have recorded, you really would have enjoyed it.

Oh, I should also apologize for the lack of shows in the past month. No good reason, just busy holiday season.

Next week, Episode 59 - and I will record it


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