Thursday, October 29, 2009

S2010 Episode 2 - not recorded....

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Week in Review
win over Cleveland Cavs 101-91

Around the League

Cleveland is 0-2 after losing to Boston night before
Boston with 2 wins - last night over Bobcats 92-59 (franchise low for Charlotte)
Magic open season with win over 76ers
Clippers 0-2 (lakers & suns) and loss of Blake Griffin with a broken left kneecap

Raptors exercised the fourth-year team option on Belinelli's contract - now guaranteed through the 2010-11 season the league pass (stream video on the interwebs) is free this weekend (until Nov3) - discounted price now of $135


Friday in Memphis (no Iverson) - TSN2
Sunday Orlando Magic at ACC - on CBC (former Raptors - Vince) - CBC
Wednesday Detroit Pistons at ACC (former Raptor Charlie Villanueva) - TSN2

Thanks for listening!

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. Unfortunately, no show was recorded this week... sorry.. blame me! come back next week for a great listen!

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