Saturday, February 14, 2009

Revisit Episode 60 - Raptors Acquire Shawn Marion

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We have been yammering on about this trade for a few shows lately. It finally has happened, about a week before the NBA's trade deadline. The trade consists of Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks from the Miami Heat (both were in the Phoenix trade last year for Shaq) and leaving the Raptors are Jermaine O'Neil and fan favourite Jamario Moon.

The Raptors also give up a draft pick that is lottery protect between 2010-2015. The Heat have also thrown in some cash.

We'll talk more on Wednesday, but with Andrea Bargnani's play as of late and injuries to J.O. this trade made more and more sense. The Raptors finally get some quickness at the 3 spot, as well as additional help at the point guard position, even if they have only rented Shawn Marion for the remainder of this season.

Thanks for listening, and we'll have a more detailed report on Wednesday.

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. Revisit Episode 60 show for our first conversation about the Marion for O'Neil trade here. Enjoy!

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