Monday, March 10, 2008

Episode 39 - Kenyon Martin - he's from Sagniaw Michigan

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Our NCAA Tournament Challenge

Go to Click the "Sign up now" button. Quickly fill out the required fields. After clicking the submit button, click the button called "Join Existing League" The page will now ask you for the League ID - for our pool enter 535 and the League Password is talking.ball

After March 16th, you can make your pics, but do it before the games start on Thursday March 20th at noon.

Toronto Raptors are 34-28

Week in Review

- loss to Orlando 102-87

- win over Miami 108-83

- loss to Washington 110-106 (overtime)

- win over Seattle 114-106

Coming up for the Raptors - ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!

- Tuesday in LA against the Lakers (44-19)

- Wednesday in Golden State (39-23)

- Friday in Denver (37-25)

- Sunday in Sacramento (28-35)

Next Monday in Utah and then home against Miami

Not much happen around the NBA.... bring on the playoffs

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. This week's show is posted here. Enjoy!

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