Monday, May 12, 2008

Episode 46 - Larry Bird's Scotch & Sirloin

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NBA Play-offs

- Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavs - the newest version of the Jordan Rules - LeBron can't move without having 4 Celtics on his back
- Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic - surprisingly Chauncey Billups is still playing in this series, after doing the splits in the key - ugly

- LA Lakers and the Utah Jazz - an interesting series that shifts with the home team
- New Orleans and the San Antonio Spurs - Chris Paul is wickedly good

Coaching around the NBA

- Mike D'Antoni will be the New York Knicks new coach
- Chuck Swirsky is leaving the Toronto Raptors broadcast team and he will take over the Chicago Bulls' radio duties

Most UnderValued Player

- LeBron? - Sports Illustrated dot com had an article about this subject. You can read it here.

OH, and click for here The Top 25 Hilarious Bad Athlete Commercials

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