Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Episode 45 - Cinco de Mayo

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Toronto Raptors bounced from the Play-offs by the Orlando Magic

At the request of you, the fan, we have recorded another video of this episode of Talking Ball. When it's rendered, we'll post it to the blog, below.

Week in Review

- Raptors are only able to win 1 game of their seven game series against the Magic. The Magic exposed the Raptors at the weakest areas, rebounding and offensive guards. Toronto now has an off-season of decisions, around keeping their coach, what to do with the 2 point guards, how to improve their rebounding and focus on better team defense.

Other Play-off Match-Ups

- Boston Celtics needed all 7 games to defeat the Atlanta Hawks. After this series the Celtics don't seem as invincible as their were during the regular season, and the Hawks look good for next year with a young team surrounding some good veterans.
- Detroit Pistons defeat the Philadelphia 76ers and take the first 2 games against Orlando in the second round
- Cleveland Cavs and the Washington Wizards had a tough series, full of fouls and ridiculous comments in the press, Cavs win and advance to meet the Celtics

- LA Lakers sweep the Denver Nuggets
- New Orleans move on, past the Dallas Mavs and win the first 2 games against the Spurs.
- San Antonio Spurs defeat the Phoenix Suns - is this it for the Suns, is it time to rebuild?
- Utah Jazz take the series against the Houston Rockets

Coaching around the NBA

- Larry Brown to coach the Bobcats
- Avery Johnson fired from the Mavs, is Rick Carlisle the replacement?
- Mike D'Antoni is allowed by the Suns to talk to other teams about their openings, does that mean he is no longer coaching the Suns?

Most Valuable Player

- Kobe

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. This week's show is posted here. Enjoy!

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