Monday, April 21, 2008

Episode 44 - Nene's Soccer Pitch

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Toronto Raptors are down 1 game to the Orlando Magic

At the request of you, the fan, we have added a video of this episode of Talking Ball. If this experiment works, then we'll attempt to record and post more video. Maybe Scooper will turn his camera on and record as well.

Week in Review

- Raptors lose Game 1 of their seven game series against the Magic. The first quarter is killer for the Magic, who couldn't miss a shot. 43 points were scored by Orlando and the Raptors played catch up the rest of the night

Other Play-off Match-Ups

- LA Lakers are too much for the Denver Nuggets, Pau Gasol and Kobe are quite the 2some.
- New Orleans starts slow (Dallas Mavs may have just run out of gas), but has a great 2nd half, lead by Chris Paul
- San Antonio Spurs need 2 overtimes to beat the Phoenix Suns - Tim Duncan has 40 points, including a 3 in the first overtime - to send it to a second overtime
- Utah Jazz (Scooper's dark horse) have a few good men for Yao-less Houston Rockets - Deron Williams runs the pick'n roll quite well with Carlos Boozer

- Boston Celtics against the Atlanta Hawks, looked like a kitten with a ball of string
- Detroit Pistons need to turn it back on, as they lose the first game to the Philadelphia 76ers
- Orlando Magic looked to show everyone why they are the 3rd seed, as the Toronto Raptors claimed (and so did we) that this was the match-up they wanted
- Cleveland Cavs take first 2 games against the Washington Wizards, as the Wiz struggle to find a way to get Gilbert Arenas back into their offense

Coming up for the Raptors

- Tuesday in Orlando for Game 2 of their series
- Thursday back in Toronto for Game 3
- Saturday in Toronto for Game 4 (we'll be at this game)

Check out the player on the sidebar as it plays each show. This week's show is posted here. Enjoy!

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