Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Episode 53 - NBA Preview Show 2008 (Pick up KG's mail!)

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Toronto Raptors are 0-0 – preseason 3-1

Week in Review

- win over Cleveland 104-84

- win over New York 113-111

- loss to Philadelphia 85-79

- win over CSKA Moscow 86-78

The Preview (in no particular order)


Celtics – Knicks – Nets – 76ers – Raptors

Can the Celtics repeat? Will there be a let down? Who gets KG's mail? Is he intense while doing dishes?

What is up with the new look Knicks, Nets and 76ers?


Bulls – Cavs – Pistons – Pacers – Bucks

Can the Pistons hold off the Cavs to win another Central title?


Hawks – Heat - Magic – Bobcats – Wizards

Will the Heat continue to lose games?

Will the Magic kill this entire division?

What is up with the Wiz?


Nuggets – Timberwolves – Thunder – Trail Blazers – Jazz

Who is the team to beat here?

Will Oden make an instant impact?


Warriors – Clippers – Lakers – Suns – Kings

Can the Lakers make it back to the finals?

Will the Clippers win more or less with Baron?


Mavs – Rockets – Grizzlies – Hornets - Spurs


Anything else?

Coming up for the Raptors

- Thursday Minn at the ACC

- Saturday in LA Clippers

- Tuesday Denver at the ACC

First regular season game is in Philly Wednesday after next and on Halloween the Warriors make their own appearance at the ACC

Thanks for listening!

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