Monday, November 5, 2007

November 5, 2007

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Week 1

Raptors are 2-1

Opening Night against 76ers - 106-97 win
bargnani with 20 - bosh with 16 - ford with 12 assists

Friday against the Nets - 106 - 69 win
bargnani with 21 - bosh with 15 - key was Calderon and Dixon play in the second quarter
Jefferson had 27, but no one else in double

Sunday overtime lost to Celtics - 98 - 95
ford with 32 points - bosh with 19 points
KG 10 points in overtime - Ray Allan's 3 to win it with 2.something seconds left - he finished with 33 points

ESPN's power ranks now have them at 7 from 14 last week.

Lakers jumped up in the ranks - after a tough lost to Houston and wins over Phoenix and Utah.

Houston wins over Lakers, Utah and Portland.

QUESTION - other than Chicago 0-3 with losses to NJ, Philly and Milwaukee - who has had a disappointing 1st weekend?

Will anyone respect the MAVs if they have a 70 win season, or will it all come down to the playoffs?

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See you next week.

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